• Grass grub larvae
  • Black Beetle adults
  • Black Beetle larvae
  • Porina caterpillar
  • Black Field Cricket
  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Red Headed Pasture Cockchafer
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Introducing the GrubOUT® U2 endophyte, a unique new endophyte providing host pasture grasses with above and below ground protection against NZ’s most serious insect pests.
GrubOUT® U2 endophyte benefits at a glance:
  • Superior above and below ground protection against insect pests, including grass grub larvae, black beetle adults and larvae, porina caterpillar, black field crickets, Argentine stem weevil, red headed pasture cockchafer, and more...
  • Significantly improved persistence under pressure from insect pests.
  • Extremely palatable, and preferentially grazed.
  • No known ill effects on sheep, cattle or deer.
  • Superior live weight gain performance of lambs in trials.

The Endophyte

The GrubOUT® U2 endophyte is a strain of Neotyphodium uncinatum. It contains a unique set of alkaloids called lolines, which insects don't like.

GrubOUT® U2 Availability

GrubOUT® U2 is available in the ready-to-sow Barrier Combo™ permanent pasture mix. To find out how to order Barrier Combo™, click here...

Contact us

For more information about GrubOUT® U2, including availability:

Call us on: 0800 427 676

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